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Ipplepen iPlayer - Ipplepen Team | Thursday 01st July 2021

Our Bee Population

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In this first of two programmes, Peter Richards speaks to Phil Chandler about the situation relating to the world’s bee population. It is suggested that up to one-third of our bees have been killed off by disease, climate, and pesticides. Bearing in mind that these small creatures have the pollination of our food crops in their grasp, it does not bode well for the future.
Phil explains the dangers to bees and what we might do personally to help matters.

We caught Phil tending his bees at Riverford Organic Farm in Devon where he keeps some of his hives.
The three major threats have conspired this year and so he will have no honey. Indeed he is already feeding the bees to ensure their survival over winter. You might be surprised to find that bees need feeding. Unfortunately wasps also find this food attractive so the bees have to defend their hives and food. Phil shows us some of the dead wasps which he has taken out of the bottom of hives as proof of the ongoing battles.

Phil says that anyone with an interest in keeping bees will find it fascinating and addictive. To learn more, please visit his site at: www.biobees.com where not only can you see Phil in action but also download plans to make your own hives. In addition, a lively worldwide forum is there so you can ask questions. It is available to novices and experts alike.

He has written a book called ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper and this describes his route to natural, sustainable beekeeping. More details on his site.

We’d be very interested in learning how many of you are considering starting this hobby so please do let us know and perhaps we can include you in a future programme.

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