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Ipplepen Village Pump

Village pump. Date 1868. Cast iron. Octagonal casing with plain

Roman settlement in Ipplepen

In 2010 the University of Exeter, the British Museum and

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Thursday 14th May 2020

June Newsletter

The Village Pump: William Field

From time to time I get asked about the origins of our village pump in Fore Street and William Field to whom it is dedicated.

At the time of his death in 1868 William Field had not spent that much time in Ipplepen. His home was Barton House on Edgelands Lane which was still not quite complete. The six-acre estate there included a quarry and it is this which would have excited his interest in our area.

Field was a Londoner and was described as a builder and a master marble mason. By the 1850s he was at the top of his game and was known as a building contractor as well as a marble mason. He worked with Sir Charles Barry and Edward Barry on the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster. His company also worked on the Albert Memorial Chapel at Windsor.


Thursday 14th May 2020

May Newsletter


We were scheduled to have our VE day Celebrations this month. VE day stands for Victory in Europe and since this year marks the 75th anniversary of the event the government had moved the early May Day Bank Holiday to Friday May 8th. Numerous commemorative activities had been planned across the country and in Ipplepen a whole day of celebrations had been organised for the Friday Bank Holiday to bring the village together for some fun activities in the village hall and in the park. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus epidemic the Parish Council has decided to postpone the VE day celebrations.

The Local History Group had been planning to have an archive display in the Hall using some of our photos from wartime. Since we are unable to do this at the present time, we thought it might be appropriate to s


Thursday 14th May 2020

April Newsletter

Talk at Village Hall

We were delighted to welcome the Reverend Nicholas Pearkes to Ipplepen at the end of February. In front of a good audience the Reverend Pearkes entertained and informed us with his customary good humour. Unusually we were granted two talks for the price of one. His first theme was the largely forgotten cottage boot making industries that thrived in both Ipplepen and Broadhempston in the mid to late nineteenth century. These leather making skills had been passed down through generations in agricultural areas such as our own but as Nicholas pointed out the industry received a boost when it became apparent that there was a great demand in Newfoundland for boots suitable for fishermen working in the thriving cod fisheries off the coast of Canada. So many young men from South Devon had emigrated to make their living there that families were keen


Thursday 14th May 2020

March Newsletter

Local Talks and Events

We are a thriving Local History Group putting on talks and events for Ipplepen as well as promoting the village through our website and social media platforms such as Facebook.

We are, of course, far from alone in our endeavours. There are active local history groups in nearly all the neighbouring towns and villages. I thought it might be useful to give you a flavour of some of the up and coming events and conferences in the local area. If any of them catch your fancy, then why not go along and you might just find that the Ipplepen Local History Group is not the only one that is trying to make the study of the past lively and engaging.


Torquay Museum 10.45 – 12noon – BBC wildlife producer Andrew Cooper explores making a tribute programme of the famous author Ge


Wednesday 29th January 2020

February Newsletter

Our first talk of the New Year is scheduled to take place on MONDAY FEBRUARY 24th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Our guest speaker is the Rev. Nicholas Pearkes, former rector of Littlehempston. Now retired the Rev. Pearkes has a good reputation as a speaker for local history groups. His interests are many and varied. Some of you may remember him from his previous talks of for his enthusiastic participation in each of the archaeological digs at Dainton. He enjoys metal detecting and has an ongoing project to build a hovercraft! For our February talk he has decided to merge two themes. One is the about boot making in Ipplepen and Broadhempston and the other is about his role in the ROC during the period of the Cold War.


Wednesday 29th January 2020

January Newsletter

Our lanterns procession ushered in the Christmas period bringing colour and sparkle to a cold winter’s evening. It’s a wonderful community occasion uniting old and young and shows off the best of Ipplepen. Just to recap the prizes were awarded as follows.
The Child’s prize was won by Tallulah Zehal for her Elephant. In second place were Theo Saunders and Harry Cattell for their dinosaur and in third place was Lucas Brandon for his Reindeer.
The Adult section was won this year by the Hossack family for their Owl. Second were the Buick Baker family for their Doves and third prize was awarded to the Kerswell family for the Peacock.
There were six school entries and the trophy this year was awarded to Class 5 with their Hot Dog.
A new trophy was introduced this year called the Creativity award and the first recipient was Harriet Urqu


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