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Ipplepen Village Pump

Village pump. Date 1868. Cast iron. Octagonal casing with plain

Italian Garden at Great Ambrook

Exploring the Italian Garden
 The garden that was designed and

Ipplepen World War two – VE day Celebrations

VE Day Celebrations Numerous commemorative activities had been planned across

Roman settlement in Ipplepen

In 2010 the University of Exeter, the British Museum and

Ipplepen History Group News

Monday 30th November 2020

December 2020 Newsletter


For their Local History project this year pupils from all classes produced work to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ipplepen Primary school moving to its present site on Biltor Road. We were fortunate to be given a zoom presentation of this work by all the classes with representatives explaining what they had learnt about the changes from 1970 to the present day. It was clear that the 1970s seemed a long time ago to our current pupils. Some of the best presentations showed good historical skills showing how the classrooms and teaching styles had changed but also pointing out areas of similarity like sports days and Christmas fairs.

Year 6 students, Amos, Freddy and Oliver, who did a joint piece of writing, were the overall winners of the 2020 award.


Monday 30th November 2020

November 2020 Newsletter


In the poster elsewhere in the magazine you can read about our plans for the 10th Annual Ipplepen Lanterns Festival on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 28th. Of course this year is set to be different, but we hope just as enjoyable.

Please join in by creating your own hand-held lantern and enjoy a walk (obeying social distancing) round the village admiring the pre-Christmas colour and sparkle. Even without a lantern you can share in this community occasion by decorating your garden with lights or go one further and have your own display. Everyone is invited to take a stroll round to appreciate the creativity for which Ipplepen is renowned.

Those of you who wish to create a garden installation will need to fill in an entry form. To enter your hand-held lantern photo please uploa


Monday 30th November 2020

October 2020 Newsletter



We can start preparing now for our ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ celebration on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 28th. You can add some brightness and sparkle to the village by illuminating Ipplepen with garden installations, lights, and decorations. It will be our winter equivalent of the Stall Crawl with people walking round the village, ideally with their own smaller lanterns and obeying social distancing, to see the larger lanterns or displays in the gardens around the village (maps supplied).

Although we will not be able to have lantern-making sessions at the Hub Judy Dewhirst can supply easy to follow kits with everything you need for a simple lantern to carry around with you. She will be delighted to supply larger quantities and advice for those of you getting a bit more ambitio


Monday 30th November 2020

September 2020 Newsletter

The Lanterns Display

We have decided to go ahead with our Annual St. Andrew’s Eve Lantern Festival on Saturday November 28th. It will not take the form of a procession and nor will it be ending in the Church. What we are planning though is another community event supporting everyone through this difficult year and bringing a bit of brightness and sparkle to the village in November just prior to the Christmas season. There will be further details in next month’s magazine.

Now when was that built?

Some of the older buildings in the village have whole files recording their history but when it comes to new developments there are plenty of photographs but not much in the way of documentary evidence. Here is a list of some dates from 1970 onwards mapping out some of the many changes to the village over this period. The 50


Wednesday 15th July 2020

August 2020 Newsletter

Lanterns Procession

It is still warm and sunny outside so why am I starting with this theme? Well the reality is that if you are planning events you must start early. This would be true in any year but of course this year is not a normal year by any stretch of the imagination. We are currently in discussion as to whether to go ahead with the Procession at all this year. Were we to go ahead it would have to be a pared down version with no meeting up in the Church afterwards and no lantern making sessions in the Hub. We have been encouraged by the determination of the Carnival committee to put on something to cheer people up and we will let you know by next month what we have decided to do.

Water water everywhere…

It is almost always the case that any human settlement, however small, will be close to a water supply. At first glanc


Wednesday 01st July 2020

July Newsletter


Like other organisations our AGM which was scheduled for July is having to be conducted online. Normally at these meetings I start setting out our plans for future events. Whilst accepting that nothing can be set in stone at present, we have decided to make our plans anyway and have provisionally booked Todd Gray for October this year, Alex Graeme for February next year and Colin Vosper for July 2021. We will see how this turns out, but it feels better to aim for normality.

Reg Honeywill

If you are familiar with my monthly musings in these pages you will be aware that I regularly cite Reg Honeywill as one of my sources. Reg was a very keen local historian and a wonderful chronicler of Ipplepen life. We have some of his beautifully handwritten notes and I have often been impressed by how accurate he was – for example he would


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